Neil Gordon | Cinematographer

Hi, my name is Neil and here's a little bit about me. I was given my first 35mm stills camera by my late father, which sparked my passion for photography.

After school I lucked out and found a running job for RSA in the late 90’s working alongside great commercial talents in the advertising industry. Spending most of my time on set and helping in all departments, I gravitated towards the camera department. I was a clapper loader for a few years before meeting a young team of directors. Together we started to shoot music videos on 16mm.

In the mid noughties and the birth of YouTube and Digital Cinema formats I started a digital production company called Bigballs, shooting music content and online ad's for brands. We were leading content creators in this field at the time. I sold my shares in the business and became a full time DOP in 2009.

My work includes campaigns for BVLGARI, Ford, Aston Martin, Honda, Sotheby’s, TUI, David Beckham, The FA and Russell & Bromley to name a few.

I love the craft of storytelling and collaborating with people, bringing their ideas to the screen. I have ambitions to move into long form and HETV.